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Demystifying creativity by engaging dialogue between various streams of thought like Business, Art, Culture, Education, Psychology, Science and so on.

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Welcome to Decode Creativity Show

My name is Joel Dave, Im a creative head, TEDx speaker, Digital Agency fellow and a musician. I have about 12k subscribers on youtube and 2k on my facebook. all of that may look like highlights in my career but its not complete if I do not tell you this. There were many many lowlights or no lights - if that could be said ;)

For the major part of my life, I was told that I'm not creative nor
anything special about who I was and with that I lived in a poor self
image. It took many years for me to understand that I had this gift of God in me for creativity which permeated into all areas of my
life. With that I started seeing patterns of creativity in every
subject and field of inquiry/science around me.

And now, I am on a journey to interview 1000 work professionals, creative artists from all spaces of thought from business to science or
psychology or Artificial intelligence and so on and asking them one question What is creativity and how creativity has helped them create something extremely important for them in life or in business.

So each week I will be Interviewing thought leaders, business professionals , creatives and so on.. 

With that I want to welcome you again to join me in my journey as I DECODE CREATIVITY.

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