Decode Creativity with Barbara Carneiro - Branding and Communication Strategy

Barbara Carneiro is the founder of Word Revolution, a digital & web agency.  She helps  churches and christian ministries with its creatives, strategies and marketing.  Barbara has been a mentor for more than 150 agencies around the world

Topics covered In todays show,

  • The Entrepreneurship Life
  • Creativity is Seeing the unseen
  • The connection between what you know and what you can imagine
  • Tapping into what your eyes has not seem yet
  • Creativity is a calling to the purpose in life
  • Strategic thinking
  • What do you keep v/s what do you improve business
  • Business growth demands functional change
  • The Unique YOU - Love Extravagantly
  • Rethinking the usual conference model

If you are a church/christian ministry and you are looking expand, innovate and strategize your presence in the digital world, go ahead and book a strategy session with Barbara

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