Experience Emotional Freedom with Music Healing - Life coaching with music

In Todays Show we have with us Noniko Hsu who is a classically trained flutist and a seafarer. She helps high achieving hustlers achieve more by removing any emotional block through music and life coaching. 

Topics covered In todays show,

  • How to use music in helping people emotionally 
  • Emotional spectrum grows with age
  • Trying new things helps creativity
  • Strengthening your musical muscle helps grow the spectrum of your emotions
  • How to build the musical muscle for artists
  • How to build the musical muscle for busy work professionals
  • Classical Pop Crossover
  • What it means to connecting at a deep level 

Noniko as an artist has worked towards broadening her own emotional spectrum, and she now helps want to helps people experience the freedom and wellbeing emotionally.

So If you're:
- up to big things and seeking a fresh perspective
- facing a challenge in life
- looking for a breakthrough
- confused about who you are
- ready to live a life filled with passion & purpose
- committed to creating your life by choice, not by chance...

then please reach out.

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